360Converge Acquires Valuinsight, Marrying Data Analysis with Texting Automation to Best Serve Today’s Digital Consumer

Orlando, FL, December 13, 2021 –Today 360Converge, the leading provider of communication workflow automation in automotive, announced the acquisition of Valuinsight, the leading inventory analysis platform that enables automated equity mining for inventory acquisition. The addition of Valuinsight inventory management features to the existing 360Converge communication platform will increase the dealership’s texting and emailing capabilities while decreasing the labor needed to effectively monetize the dealership’s existing customer base.

By combining deep vehicle inventory analytics with the 360Converge’s communication platform, dealerships will receive the benefit of pinpoint accurate information on which vehicles are moving from their lot, and perhaps more importantly, which vehicles are not. By leveraging this information, 360Converge’s SalesDrive solution will automatically target customers coming in for service with text to engage customers at the highest point of conversion during their service visit. The result is an increase in vehicles being purchased directly from the service drive. Dealerships using this automation technology are already seeing a 20-23% increase in customer engagement and are purchasing 10-20 vehicles directly from their own service drive.

 In addition, when paired with 360Converge’s communication tools, dealers will have more opportunities to sell warranties beyond the transaction, turn more inventory, and deliver the right message at the right time to each customer.

“This acquisition marries two of the most important elements needed for automotive sales success today, inventory acquisition and messaging, to give consumers the exact information they are looking for when they’re ready to buy,” said Todd Smith, CEO of 360Converge. “Dealerships are wasting human capital by targeting everyone with an equity/buyback message. Dealerships using our SalesDrive application will only be talking with interested customers while also building a deeper connection with their existing customers.”

The acquisition advances 360Converge’s growth strategy in the market by expanding the company’s capabilities in the multi-billion dollar data acquisition arena. Data acquisition continues to be a hot spot across automotive and other industries as today’s digital consumer demands more personalized experiences and faster access to information.

“I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of the Valuinsight suite of products by the great team of talented people at 360Converge.  Our core products will continue to help dealership operations across the country to increase their bottom line. Precision Inventory Management has been my lifelong passion and will continue to live on coupled with the great team of 360Converge,” said Scott Dreisbach, Owner of Valuinsight.

In addition to the benefits to 360Converge’s existing customers, the acquisition strengthens data modeling for the company and builds additional revenue streams, while greatly expanding the company’s personalization at scale communication capabilities.

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About 360Converge:

360Converge is an easy-to-use intuitive workflow automation platform specifically developed for the automotive industry. It works with all automotive CRMs and DMS providers to take your dealership’s lifecycle management to the next level through text and email. Let the 360Converge workflow automation platform ensure every customer is communicated with at just the right time. Deliver engaging, meaningful conversations that delight your customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Find out more by visiting www.test.test.

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