5 Pros of SMS Marketing Apps for Car Salesman

Car Salesman Texting Someone On The Phone.

Working in the automotive sales industry means working in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Communicating with customers and following up on leads through direct calls and emails is simply not efficient enough to stay on top of your game. This is the reason car dealerships and salesmen are always on the lookout for ways to automate their workflows through automation software and apps for car salesman.

Read on as we explore 5 benefits of SMS apps for car salesmen and dealerships and how they can help you do better at what you do best.

1. Text Messages have the Highest Read Rate

Nowadays, our inboxes have become cluttered with countless emails, and similarly to how you probably don’t read every email you get, neither do your customers. Not to mention replying to them. Phone calls, on the other hand, can be seen as too demanding, as they require your customer to leave everything they are doing to talk to you. Consequently, both methods fall short in terms of response rate.

Text messages, however, are by far the most reliable way to reach your customer with an average read rate of 98%. Most people don’t mind receiving updates through SMS once they opt-in and find replying to them simpler than emails and less intrusive than phone calls. This makes them an ideal medium to keep in touch with your customers and leads.

2. Automation

Text messaging apps for car salesman like 360Platform allow you to set up automated text messages sent to customers at the right times. For example, these can be extended warranty offers, educational messages for their new vehicle, service reminders, etc. Additionally, you can automate entire workflows and provide great customer service based on your customer’s responses.

Not only does workflow automation help you drive efficiency and get in touch with customers at the right time, but it also keeps them engaged and happy. 

Apart from staying in touch with your customers, you can leverage text automation to communicate with your employees and keep them in the loop with timely updates and reminders. 

3. Less Dialing, More Selling

Dialing a customer’s number and hoping for the best can prove to be very frustrating and have inconsistent results. With an SMS marketing app for car salesman that has the right features, you can take out the guesswork from the process.

Customizable templates and workflows allow you to reach the right person at the right time without lifting the phone. Once they’ve replied to the text, you’ll know exactly who you are talking to and how you can help them.

With a database of engaged customers containing all the information on the services they need and the automated workflows doing most of the legwork for you, you can focus your time and energy on sales.

4. Customer Convenience

As mentioned, customers find text messages less intrusive than phone calls and are far less likely to ignore them compared to emails. And there is a good reason behind this: convenience. 

People will appreciate you valuing their time and being able to respond to your message at their convenience and with virtually no effort. Meaningful updates, notifications, and offers sent to the right person will go a long way in building and nurturing a positive relationship with your customers.

5. Boost the Effectiveness of other Communication Channels

Although email marketing and phone calls do have their shortcomings, they are still a useful tool in a car dealership’s marketing arsenal. Another benefit of text automation apps for car salesman is that they can boost the effectiveness of other communication channels.

Your customers are more likely to look for your email or answer your phone call if they know what to expect. Once they reply to your text message that they are interested to learn more about your offer, you can direct them to their email inbox with more details, schedule an in-person appointment at your dealership, or arrange a phone call. 

Increase Your Efficiency with 360Platform

360Platform is an automotive texting app that helps car dealerships retain and engage customers through automated text marketing campaigns. With custom workflow templates and a clean database, 360Platform can help you target the right audience with pinpoint targeted campaigns.

Performance Analytics

The app’s reporting features help you measure, track, and analyze the performance of each of your campaigns and gain a deep insight into performance metrics. With all the information at your fingertips, you can identify the parts of your workflows that get the most responses and the ones that fall short, and make data-driven decisions to improve their performance. 

If you are looking to learn more about the benefits of text marketing automation and how 360Platform can help you increase your efficiency, you can schedule a free demo.Start growing and expanding your dealership using targeted automotive texting marketing campaigns with 360Converge! Leverage technology to cut through competitive noise and spend more time talking to the right people and selling cars.

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