Auto Dealer Texting Solution Connects to Deliver Car Sales

Auto Dealer Texting Solution

Auto Dealer Texting solutions are becoming the new rage with Digital Retailing taking off nationwide. As consumers grow cautious of being at the car dealership, more of the transaction will be pushed to digital communication through texting, messaging and email, enabling the dealership to move more of the purchase process online before the shopper ever enters the dealership for the vehicle delivery.

At 360Converge we see communication channels continuing to evolve and dealerships need to learn to meet consumers wherever and whenever they want to start the sales process. Texting has continued to grow as the fastest, most efficient way to communicate. Yet, auto dealer texting solutions have fallen behind in their capabilities as a sales tool for the dealerships sales teams to deliver consistent results

95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered

2020 Text Messaging Statistics

As dealership management looks to master this new age of retailing, they will need to find an auto dealer texting platform that supports their sales team while giving the reporting and analytics needed to manage there team. Smart dealerships who deploy the right texting platform can help their sales team communicate more efficiently and deliver the desired information to consumers so they feel comfortable moving forward in the sales process.

We recently wrote another blog post titled 7 Great Features of an Automotive Dealership Texting Solution, which discusses some of these features that are needed to engage shoppers while delivering an outstanding experience. Check it out if you have some extra time.

As dealerships transition from using voice and email as the primary contact methods to messaging and text having the right communication platform in place will go a long way to help the dealerships sales team engage and convert more shoppers by meeting them in their chosen channel of conversation. Automotive dealer texting isn’t new but it is still currently be done in a very fragmented way with some conversations happening on sales peoples personal phone while other go through the CRM. This can be overcome by delivering to your team a platform that give each sales team member their own business text line.

In conclusion, texting is the fastest way to connect with the modern shopper and deliver more sales for your dealership. The goal is just to make sure your team isn’t texting from their personal phone number to maintain TCPA compliance.

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