Dealership Communication Policy

Dealership Communication Policy

Recently we have been speaking with a number of dealerships around the nation who don’t have a formal dealership communication policy in place for their dealership. This is a potential powder keg waiting to blow a hole in the dealership if it isn’t addressed correctly. Many of your dealership employees communicate with each other, leads, […]

Facebook Messenger for Automotive Dealers

Facebook Messenger for Auto

Here are a couple of quick reasons to use Facebook messenger instead of your current automotive dealership chat solution. Using messenger has a few advantages over the current live chat providers in the automotive industry. A big one is it is FREE and connected to one of the largest automotive marketplaces to display and market […]

Auto Dealer Texting Success

Auto Dealer Texting

Mobile continues to change consumer behavior and how they interact with dealerships. Texting can help you adapt successfully and deliver a better experience, especially in the growing need for remote selling.  For quick reference, “dealership texting” is texting messaging as a brand, with a level of organization and a unified experience and voice.  You might […]

The Wheels Come Off the Bus In Dealership Lead Process (Part 4)

Red Triangle on the Road and Women who Checking Car Wheel.

If you have been following this journey on how 100 dealerships handle the lead process, you will most likely already see opportunities and things you can change within your dealership and your own follow up process. If you haven’t read the previous posts, here are the links. Part One Part Two Part Three Now let’s […]

Sales Success Has A Missing Link

Sales success

I have spent the last year analyzing CRM data as we build out our next-generation communication platform at 360Converge. I have learned sales success comes down to a few missing links, and today I want to share with you the five crucial steps that almost everyone ignores, yet if you used them, you would increase […]

Automotive Salesperson First Contact (Part 3)

Car Dealership and Buyer Looking a Car.

As we continue our journey analyzing over 100 automotive dealerships and their response to an Internet lead, we observed lots of room for improvement. Our goal is to help dealerships create the perfect personalized dealership sales process during this experiment. Since we have already spoken about human and automation collision and the missed opportunities with […]

Automotive Lead Process Mapping (Part 2)

automotive lead

As the automotive lead process is not a new thing. It has become obvious there is a collision between the dealership’s automated systems and human engagement. If you missed our previous post click here Today, we will focus on the first two steps in the lead development process. The autoresponder and squeeze page coupled be […]

When Automation And Your Sales Team Collide (Part 1)

Sales Lead Automation

I love to create experiments. I am a big nerd at heart. Right now, we are conducting an experiment about sales lead follow up and effectiveness that I wanted to share it with you. We tested 100 dealerships and recorded exactly how they responded to an internet lead request. We documented all of the correspondence […]

Auto Dealer Texting Solution Connects to Deliver Car Sales

Auto Dealer Texting Solution

Auto Dealer Texting solutions are becoming the new rage with Digital Retailing taking off nationwide. As consumers grow cautious of being at the car dealership, more of the transaction will be pushed to digital communication through texting, messaging and email, enabling the dealership to move more of the purchase process online before the shopper ever […]

Without Trust. You’ll Go Bust in Sales!

Building Trust

How are you crossing the trust barrier with your automotive shoppers? This may sound like a strange question to you right now, but by the end of this post, I hope you see the power of developing trust and instilling “Trust Building” whether into your own or sales team’s process as the first fundamental step […]