The Data-Driven Dealership: Are You Ready?

360Converge Intelligence

Less than 2% of dealerships are using data to unlock the full potential of their store’s sales and service results. Today the stakes and competition couldn’t be higher in automotive retailing, and a knowledgeable and personalized approach is the key to moving opportunities faster down the sales funnel and into the dealership. Data is your […]

7 Great Automotive Dealership Texting Features

Automotive Dealership Texting

Automotive dealership texting is becoming a core component of a successful internet sales strategy as consumers move more of their vehicle purchase online and Digital Retailing takes hold in automotive dealerships around the nation, the next phase will be meeting and engaging shoppers on the communication channel of their choice. Many consumers are already texting […]

6 Ways to Win With A Dealer Texting Platform

360converge Texting

Texting at your dealerships is happening every single day with your shoppers. Today we are going to talk about leveraging a dealer texting platform to accelerate your Digital Retailing and increasing your dealership’s sales by texting and lead intelligence to grow your bottom line. Once you have the data, the most effective channel to communicate […]

7 Seismic Shifts Coming to Automotive CRM

We live in a world where new technology swirls around us at a relentless and often dizzying pace, yet as we look closer inside the automotive industry and one particular area – the CRM – the winds are very calm, and the marketplace solutions aren’t keeping pace with innovation outside of the industry. In a […]