Data & List Management

The Best Automotive Dealership Text and Email Marketing Campaigns Start off With Targeting the Right Audience


We do all the work for your dealership by ensuring you have a clean list. Having the right data delivers a more accurate and engaging marketing strategy.

Email & Cell Appends

Our data engine will fill in the missing information from your CRM or DMS systems turning your current database into a comprehensive marketing-ready system.

Data Modeling

Once your data goes through our hygiene system, we can apply numerous filters to create pinpoint targeted campaigns that enable personalization at scale.

Personalization & Scale

Our System Is Built to Create a One-to-One Experience With Every Customer in Your Database by Leveraging Data and Technology


Our text and email marketing automation platform enables a host of tracking capabilities through links, coupons, QRCodes, and more.

Variable and Merge Fields

Deliver that personal touch by using variable fields like name, vehicle, last visit, lease expiration, and more.

Demand Generation

Our proprietary offers can be set with a host of variability that delivers urgency that drives action. If you are looking for more appointments or a more engaged audience, our system delivers results.


Measure, Track and Analyze Campaign Performance Accurate Data

The sophisticated tracking capabilities of the 360Converge texting automation platform enable you to track and view campaign performance unlike anything within the automotive industry or beyond.

Our sleek reporting simplifies and displays multiple views, so you can take a deep dive into any of your campaign’s statistics to drive a deeper understanding or improve your texting performance.


Marketing Automation That Gets Smarter Over Time

The 360Converge text marketing automation engine continues to learn from your customers’ behavior and adjust accordingly to continue to deliver an outstanding experience for each and every interaction. We deliver the right message at just the right time in every one of your shopper’s relationships with your dealership.

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Set up a Text for Info Program

When a consumer texts a keyword to a number, you can automatically add them to a list and generate an automatic response.

Templates & Duplicates

Save Time at Your Dealership and Reuse Any Previously Sent Messages

Duplicate any of your previously sent campaigns with an easy option to edit or update the message if needed.


You can also create templates for your most frequently sent messages by easily saving them in your template library. Cut down on time spent retyping messages and keep your dealerships templates on hand and ready for any marketing initiative.

The Women Writing SMS for 360Converge.
The Woman Texting on Cellphone.


Respond Automatically to Questions and Customer Request

Trigger, also known as sub-keywords, allow you to add customers from other marketing campaigns like Social Media or Email with ease.


Use keywords to grow your marketing initiatives or generate automatic pre-set responses. For example, you can set up a keyword called Offer that delivers to your customers a specific VDP page with all discounted cars available.

Drip Campaigns

Follow up With All Your Dealership Customers

Send a series of text messages and emails to any list you create to drive more brand engagement and dealership loyalty.


Drip campaigns will keep a steady stream of opportunities coming into your dealership since the system is working around the clock so you don’t have to.

The Man Giving the Car Keys to the Women's Hand.

The 360Converge omnichannel texting platform puts your team on the fast track to more engagement and complete customer lifecycle management via text.

Your dealership marketing team will love our text automation platform because it works. It is easy to use with our proprietary workflows, drip campaigns, and our lifecycle engagement management.

All this will drive continuous engagement and sales results with your prospects and customers.


Give Your Dealership a Competitive Advantage

The 360Converge is designed to help your team engage your customers and build relationships without having to lift a finger.



Build Text Journeys on a Visual Drag and Drop Canvas

Send text communications using a simple visual builder that seamlessly enables you to personalize your communication and processes at scale.

Collect Information

Ask questions like: “What is your email address?”
360Converge then captures the text replies and automatically saves the data to the contact’s profile for later use in your marketing workflows.

Two Men's and a Women Driving in the Car.

Build and Deliver Bot-Like Experiences

Using our simple drag and drop platform, you can design engaging conversations. You can answer common questions, nurture leads, gather feedback, deliver sales & service support, or extend the lifecycle management via an automotive texting solution.

Personalize Based on Replies

Based on your customer’s reply during your text conversation, the 360Converge platform intelligence engine can dynamically change the conversation or take action through alerts and notifications that drive engagement.

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