How to Sell Cars

The Salesman Hand Giving Car Keys to the Buyer's Hand, After Selling Him Car.

Selling a car seems like something that should be fairly simple and straightforward. You go out, find a buyer, give them the keys, take their cash, and everybody’s satisfied. However, as you’d expect, it’s never really that simple. There is quite a bit to know about how to sell cars safely and profitably. We’ll go […]

Top 5 SMS Workflows to Build for Your Dealership

Workflow Automation

Are you considering adding SMS workflows to your prospect and customer outreach at your dealership but haven’t yet because you don’t know what to send?  Here are seven great examples of SMS workflows that you can implement at your dealership immediately to start to get the benefits of SMS engagement with your customers throughout their […]

SMS Marketing Automation Is Changing The Game

How many emails did you receive today from vendors you may have shown interest in at some point? Add in the crippling number of unsolicited emails, and you can see people read so few emails anymore. While most Americans check their phones an average of 160 times a day, few get through all of the emails […]

5 Unique Ways to Use Text At Your Dealership

Text is still wholly underutilized in the automotive industry as a way to connect with your prospects and customers and have meaningful conversations. Today I wanted to point out a few unique ways to leverage texting from acquisition to advocacy, especially as we continue to live in the “contact-free” world.  Showroom “Check-in”– You can add […]

360Converge Startup Interview

Our CEO Todd Smith recently sat down with Anil Hemrajani from Startup Sidekick to talk about 360Converge and how Smith turned his love for business into multiple startups that are changing the landscape of the automotive industry. In this 45 minute session, Todd also talks about growing a SaaS business and what is necessary to […]

Broken Technology + Broken Processes = Broken Results

Dealership Sales

The automotive industry has always been an interesting space when it comes to technology. I remember seeing John Holt (Founder of Cobalt Group) speak for the first time in Nashville, TN, at the first-ever automotive Internet conference put on by Jim Muntz and Mike Bowers in 1997. It was called AROW (Automotive Retailing On the […]

Car Dealership Text Messaging

Car Dealership Text Messaging

Is your car dealership text messaging ready to move to the next level of shopper engagement? When was the last time you analyzed, you’re follow up process with shoppers? Now is the perfect time to keep reading about moving your dealership into the Digital Retailing world. If your current process depends on a call or […]

Dealership Texting Delivers Conversational Commerce

Dealership Texting

Today, we will talk about the four elements of a successful dealership texting solution but, more importantly, how to implement one at your dealership. COVID-19 is ushering a real need for conversational commerce as sales continue to shift further online with Digital Retailing. Today we will break down a few elements you need to have […]

The 5 Responsibilities of a Sales Manager

I have been beating this drum for several years. The sales manager position at a dealership will single-handedly determine the profitability of the front end of your store. And yet, while it is incredibly important, the core duties of the position can be simplified down into only five responsibilities. (Only 5, you say? Yes, I say.) […]